Sustainable Events Articles and Musings

Will sustainability become the main event or will it be sidelined?

Apr 15, 2020

This, amongst many other intriguing questions were discussed and deliberated over the past 24 hours in our global online gathering of several hundred events professionals, coming together to re-imagine events.

There were some incredible conversations, insights, a-ha moments and some much-appreciated on-camera pet therapy and even a home office stretching session.

We'll share the take-aways and amazing output of this global gathering over the coming weeks.

Through our polls we did however have some interesting findings.

Majority of Events Professionals Still in Work

Half of the events professionals were still as busy as ever, in their planning for future events, and a further 25% had made a quick pivot to turn their events to the virtual format. The remain quarter were on complete hibernation with no events work or activity.

Positive about the future of live events

The majority of the events professionals were positive about the future of live events, but 14% were still...

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