Sustainable Events: We've got to kick those bad habits

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2021

I met up with Jill SaveryShawna McKinley and Suzanne Morrell, champions in event sustainability, to talk about where we're at in our industry, where we've come from and what's on the horizon.

Today we talked about bad habits and how event planners might be a little stuck in the rut of doing what they've always done. We need to jump the rail and get with the new normal - the sustainability normal!

Suzanne and I met when we co-produced the Sustainable Event Alliance's event re-set hackathon back in April 2020. She's on the board of the SEA and is key in bringing together sustainable event people all over the USA through the SEA. She brings the sustainability edge to prominent meetings and events in business and govt, and has been pushing the sustainability agenda in the meetings sector for so many years. I get to work with Suzanne every week through the SEA and she's such a constant voice of reason!



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