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Meet the ISE Team!


Welcome to the Institute for Sustainable Events

We're an online professional development academy for event industry professionals wishing to upskill in one of the most important recent advances in event management - sustainability.

We've distilled decades of experience on the front line, building best-practice approaches to embedding sustainable practices into planning and delivery of events, and in using your powerful platform for good.

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Meet Meegan Jones

Sustainable Event Specialist

Meegan is a seasoned event professional and pioneer in event sustainability practice.

Taking the events she was working on as living labs, Meegan devised her own way of incorporating sustainability into her events work.

Right from the start, she recognised that bringing the sponsors, partners, suppliers, and attendees on the journey was absolutely key.

Her early work lead to a call to take on the role as the first dedicated full-time sustainability manager at major music festivals in the UK, where she got to bring her efforts to scale. 

Meegan realised that this valuable learning needed to be shared with others as so few people were considering a sustainable approach to event production. She made the decision to document her processes.

Devised from her work at Peats Ridge Festival, Meegan created a 'model event' and then went on to author the Live Earth Green Event Guidelines, taking her place as an early leader in the field.

She has contributed to advancing industry knowledge through writing the UNEP Music and Environment Initiative Singing to a Greener Tune, and was a co-author of the research paper into festival travel impacts Jam Packed (Julie's Bicycle).

All culminating in the writing of what is now known as the industry bible, her book Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide. First published in 2009, and now in its third edition, Meegan draws on the lessons learned from hundreds of events over two decades and brings them to life in the Institute for Sustainable Events online training.

Meet Lisa Erhart

Sustainability Specialist

Lisa launched a sustainability consultancy in 2008 and since that time has successfully delivered multiple high-profile programs that have attracted state and federal government support. 

Working with the Live Performance industry, Lisa has redesigned processes that removed significant volumes of material waste from the ecosystem, as well as helping venues all around Australia to refocus their energy efficiency efforts. 

The Live Performance Australia sustainability program paved the way for Meegan and Lisa to join forces, leveraging their collective expertise to launch the Institute for Sustainable Events. Together, they have over 25 years of combined experience activating sustainability champions and implementing processes that deliver results. 

Lisa's focus is data-driven decision-making through the use of advanced technology tools such as machine learning and AI. Her ultimate goal is to establish a global sustainability data set to benchmark events and set realistic, achievable reduction targets.