Sustainable Events: Research and jumping the academic fence

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2021

Over this week I've been sharing some great insights on sustainable event management from gurus in the field Jill SaveryShawna McKinley and Suzanne Morrell.

Today's topic is research.

It's a passion of mine and many others - data, data, data....insights and learnings which can be applied. When I wrote the first edition of my book there were barely any research papers in our field.

By the second edition I found quite a few, many referencing my book (hilarious and a shock!).

By the third edition, there had been quite the uptick in numbers of papers, and a recent review of the literature shows it's booming.

But.... barely any of these terrific learnings and conclusions are reaching industry.

There's a great opportunity to match research with events, and events with researchers - and to facilitate the findings into the industry for use.

I've attempted to start this matching service before, but couldn't deliver it. If anyone is as excited about this potential and wants to work on the idea with me, please reach out!


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