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ZERO Waste!

Towards Zero Waste Events

Zero waste and circular events will soon be the new normal.

Now is the time to get some deep thinking, planning and creativity flowing on how you will design-in zero waste events of the future. 

As the appetite for events to deliver meaningful outcomes grows, Event Managers are finding themselves open and exposed, needing to stay abreast of key waste issues and hidden risks. Reputation, sponsor scrutiny and public perception are drivers. The question in the back of your mind is, how?

We've got you covered! Get a cuppa, a comfy spot and let's dive into the world of Zero Waste Events.

At the end of "Toward Zero Waste" programme you will be comfortable to...

1: Commit to a Zero Waste event strategy
2: Initiate a campaign to inspire and activate key stakeholders
3: reDesign processes that eliminate waste from event operations
4: Implement a best-practice resource recovery programme
5: Collect data and publish results

Turning your events into world-class, inspiring platforms for good!


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