Turning wasteful events into world-class, inspiring platforms for good!

Imagine... your event producing ZERO Waste!

What used to be a concept, bantered around at conferences, is now real.

As the appetite for events to deliver meaningful outcomes grows, Event Managers are finding themselves open and exposed, needing to stay abreast of key waste issues and hidden risks. 

Reputational risk, sponsor scrutiny and public perception are fundamental drivers for the implementation of event processes that are proven to be successful. It's one thing to actively seek new ways of introducing innovations into your events, it's another to try and fail. 

Now is the time to harness your ability to influence key decision-makers, initiate activation programmes and become a force for good. But... the question in the back of your mind is, how?

We know that you are a time-poor Event Manager, and...

  • Your average day will consist of back-to-back meetings  
  • You need to think on your feet and produce results
  • The War on Waste is real but you don't know where to start 
  • Event owners look to you for innovative solutions 
  • Attendees want to be part of authentic actions for good, and
  • Your credibility is at risk in a highly competitive market

To which you respond with 'Yes' but...

You want a programme that gets to the crux of the problem within the first 5mins.

We understand how precious your time is and that's why Toward Zero Waste is...


Toward Zero Waste is a programme showcasing cutting edge, world-class examples of global events removing waste from end-of-life landfill. The motto we stand by: "If they can, you can". 


Our professional development programmes focus on inspired, practical on-ground applications that produce proven results. "How To" guides give you step by step easy implementations. 


Delivered as a self-paced, online digital programme you have the choice of joining a cohort or moving through lessons in your own time, with support available via the curated, online global community.

Toward Zero Waste is a professional development programme for Global Event Managers who want to embed proven strategies into their next event.

At the end of "Toward Zero Waste" programme you will...

1: Commit to a Zero Waste event strategy
2: Initiate a campaign to inspire and activate key stakeholders
3: reDesign processes that eliminates waste from event operations
4: Implement a best practice resource recovery programme
5: Collect data and publish results

If this sounds like you...

  • You swing between outrage and optimism, one minute believing you can be the change and the next minute feeling defeated,
  • You're a known for delivery in the events industry, dependable and focused on outcomes but you're looking for something more...
  • Event owners and key stakeholders seek your advice, expecting you to implement proven strategies for reducing event impacts on our environment and in our communities,
  • You've achieved noteworthy success as an international event manager but you know you've got more to offer and now is the time to think about your legacy...
  • You feel the tide changing and people developing a global conscience about the choices they make in everyday life, and yet
  • You can't find a professional development programme to elevate you to the next level. 

The Time for Action is Now!

commit to embedding proven strategies into your next event

Why Toward Zero Waste?

Toward Zero Waste has been created by experienced Sustainable Event Specialists, designed specifically for actioned-orientated Event Managers. 

The programme is full of real-world examples and proven strategies for success, all have been tested and refined over many years, giving you an easy-to-use system that is guaranteed to achieve results. 

It includes:

  • Comprehensive course content
  •  In-depth 'How To' lessons
  • Downloadable operational resources 
  • Case studies, videos and industry links
  • Stretch goals
  • Cohort based learning
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Q&A Sessions with Meegan Jones
  • Free membership to Sustainable Event Alliance 
  • Opportunities to collaborate

After you finish the course, all participants receive a Certificate of Completion from the Institute of Sustainable Events.

If you'd like to take it a step further and are serious about strengthening your brand, the Toward Zero Waste module forms part of the Sustainable Event Management Fundamentals programme. More information on this later.

Career Professionals successfully completing the Fundamentals Programme will be invited to move through the accreditation process facilitated by the Sustainable Event Alliance, to become an accredited Sustainable Events Practitioner

Introducing the Founders

Meegan Jones

Sustainable Events Specialist and
Author of Sustainable Event Management;
A Practical Guide

Meegan is a true pioneer in global sustainable events with over 20 years of practical experience in testing sustainable processes and refining them until they work! If she hasn't tried it, she knows someone who has!!

Lisa Erhart

Sustainability Specialist and
co-Creator of Greener Live Performances

Lisa has initiated and led numerous industry-backed sustainability programmes throughout Australia. Her talent is leveraging knowledge and experience of sector specialists via strategic collaborations with purpose. 

Did you know...

Some events send up to 25kg per attendee to landfill!

Wasted product lost to the resource economy will never to be reintroduced.

Have you stopped to consider the impact of your decisions?

One event with 1,500 attendees may dispose of 37,500 kg of waste.

If you are responsible for managing three events per year, then your impact jumps to 112,500 kg (or 112.5 tonne).

In the UK alone there are 1.2 million business related events, with over 85 million attendees, annually.

That means 2,125,000 tonnes of wasted product is sent to landfill. 


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Sustainable Event FUNDAMENTALS

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  • Executive Strategy
  • Toward Zero Waste
  • Energy & GHG's
  • Transport, Travel, GHG's
  • Food & Materials
  • Water & Biodiversity
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