Sustainable Event Quick Start Course

A practical, industry-relevant short course created by a globally recognized sustainability event leader, Meegan Jones, for managers committed to delivering events differently in 2024. 

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Stripped Back

This short course contains exactly what you need to deliver your next event, sustainably. It is stripped back, straight to the point, and no messing around!

Side-Step Traps

Guided by a globally recognized sustainable event leader, you'll focus on activities that deliver results, helping you to side-step potential traps.

Leveraged Success

Literally, 20+ years of sustainable events experience (successes and failures) have been condensed into a course that wants you to succeed.

Sustainable Event Quick Start Course

Small on theory - Big on implementable actions!

Delivered across six modules (20 lessons), get right to the heart of how to produce events, sustainably:

  • What is sustainability and how does it apply to events? Then deep dive into our key sustainability pillars, sustainable development, and impact vs effort. 
  • Sustainable destinations, venues, and outdoor sites - round out what you've learned using our Knowledge Check!
  • Resource Management & Circularity - can you imagine a zero-waste event? Steps to reduce your waste and logical resource recovery planning!
  • Buying well - knowing what event materials are required and then purchasing via sustainable sourcing opportunities!
  • Climate-responsible events - critical steps to deliver events responsibly whilst also looking at how your power events and considering transport & travel!
  • Producing events with purpose - finding meaning and driving purpose at the core of your next event!


Also included for you:

  • Done-for-you checklists; and
  • Practical tools

Oh... let's not forget the additional practical tips such as draft wording for vendor agreements and RFPs. 


By the end of the course, you will know what issues are important to work on and how to manage them! 

Ready to Stand out in Events . . .

Sustainable Event Quick Start Course for time-poor event managers ready for a no-fluff course that provides real-world guidance in delivering events sustainably!

Meet course creator, Meegan Jones

Meegan is a seasoned event professional and pioneer in event sustainability practice. 

Meegan realised that her 20+ years of valuable learning needed to be shared with others as so few people were considering a sustainable approach to event production. She made the decision to document her processes.

All culminating in the writing of what is now known as the industry bible, her book Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide. First published in 2009, and now in its third edition, Meegan draws on the lessons learned from hundreds of events over two decades and brings them to life in the Institute for Sustainable Events online training.


To prepare for a year of action in 2024, the Sustainable Event Quick Start course is yours for only €280


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