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Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Course

A Bundled Offer: Professional Development Programme for Event Managers including...

In this Bundled Offer you will receive six stand-alone courses:

  1. Sustainable Event Fundamentals
  2. Events with Purpose
  3. Climate Responsible Events
  4. Toward Zero Waste
  5. Powering Evens
  6. ISO 20121 Implementation
  7. ISO 20121 Templates

 What's Included:

This six-course offer will give you access to the following... 

The Fundamentals 

of Sustainable Event Management is a fit-for-purpose course designed for event managers seeking to establish strong foundations in the field.   

🌟  Set your ambition and embed it in policy
🌟   Build inclusivity and diversity, good stewardship
🌟   Deliver events that are restorative and regenerative


Events with Purpose 

is designed for the Event Owner, Manager, or Sponsor inspired to deliver purpose-driven events. 

🌟 Building trust to receive a social license to operate
🌟 Find your event purpose and partners that align
🌟 Embrace the power of purposeful production


Climate Responsible Events 

is designed to support Event Managers ready to take the next step in producing events that consider their climate impacts. 

🌟 What is Climate Change
🌟  Measuring Greenhouse Gas Emissions
🌟  Managing and reducing your event GHG's
🌟  Importance of measurement and reporting
🌟 Pursuing Net-Zero



Powering Your Event 

is designed to support Event Managers on how to sustainably and efficiently power your event 

🌟 Energy efficiency
🌟 Renewable Energy
🌟 Engaging energy users
🌟 Smart Power Planning
🌟 Measuring impact


Toward Zero Waste 

is designed to support Event Managers ready to take the next step in producing events that have Zero Waste goals. 

🌟 The Fundamentals of Zero Waste Events
🌟  Inspiring and Activating Key Stakeholders
🌟  Understanding Waste is a Resource with Value
🌟  reDesign Event Processes to Design Waste Out
🌟  Mapping Critical Points of Waste Generation in Event Operations
🌟  Measuring Waste and Reporting Performance Outcomes 


ISO 20121 Implementation and Templates

will lead you step-by-step through the standard – not just focusing on how to comply with its requirements, but opening up why the various elements are important.

  • ISO 20121 Implemenation
  • ISO 2021 Template downloads

🌟 ISO 20121 Implementation
🌟  ISO 20121 Templates

Within every topic category, we've also made available 'Deep Dive' lessons!!

Together, these courses offer a comprehensive and solid foundation for any event manager seeking to become an expert in this field.

Also... every participant is invited into the private ISE Slack Channel to network and engage with Event Managers from around the World.  

Terms of Purchase

When making a purchase with the Institute for Sustainable Events you are agreeing to the following:

  • respecting the ISE copyright on the content provided within our courses including videos, written copy, and downloadable resources
  • materials are for educational purposes, produced for events professionals, and not to be repackaged, shared, or otherwise used for commercial use. 
  • downloadable resources may be used by events professionals in events they work on.
  • events and sustainability consultants are not permitted to use the downloadables or other assets as part of their consulting services. A license agreement can be arranged, please contact us.
  • creating and maintaining a member account gives you access to courses, purchased or granted, as applies to you
  • not sharing login and access to anyone else, other than the person who holds the member account with ISE


What People Are Saying:

At last a course which tackles the mammoth subject of GHG's. I feel so much more knowledgable on the subject and able to communicate this to my clients when pushing for change. From now on I will include GHG reporting in my projects whether or not it is requested. Thank you for creating a course that is hugely relevant and fundamentally the most important part of tackling climate change in our sector.

Cherie Evans-White

Fantastic! Thank you for putting a course together that encapsulates such a huge topic but in a simple, easy-to-understand format. I am now equipped with a much better understanding of what it means to have a climate responsible event and have an amazing network and recourses that I can turn to for help.

Kim Rennie