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Sustainable Event Management: Fundamentals

This is a professional development programme that will prepare you to make quick and effective decisions when managing complex sustainability issues at your events. Programme content is broken down into simple, implementable steps. At the end of each module you'll be ready to take immediate action, keeping the boss, sponsors and event attendees happy and satisfied, by delivering a beautifully-produced event that is good for all.

We have taken the incredibly broad topic of 'sustainable events' and split it into eight chapters

Each chapter is split into lessons, which are further broken down into easy to follow steps and actions.
You can dive down as deep as you need, with loads of further reading and details.


Module 1: Sustainability Literacy

Before delving into the practical matters of applying sustainability principals to your event production, we recap on what sustainability represents. This module expands into related concepts of sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Commences July 2020


Module 2: Executive Strategy

Creating a thoughtful, fit-for-purpose strategic approach will avoid reactionary or once-off issues management, and will position your event to fully captialise on meaningful opportunities in operational, outreach and leadership xxxx. You will development the principles and values that you want to stand by, what really matters to you and your stakeholders, and how this can be incorporated into your sustainability approach. 
Commences July 2020


Module 3: Towards Zero Waste

For decades, the event industry has been responsible for generating huge volumes of wasted resources sent to landfill. By the end of this module you'll be armed with the knowledge and tools to have your next event moving towards (maybe even reaching) zero waste.



Module 4: Energy and GHGs

Sustainable event energy management is about conserving energy demand, operating as efficiently as you can, sourcing the maximum renewable energy possible, and ultimately, reducing your greenhouse gas emissions related. By the end of this module you'll know how to design-in efficiency, embed smart power planning and why collecting, analysing and reporting on energy impacts is critical to your event success. Commences July 2020


Module 5: Transport, Travel and GHGs

Moving people, supplies, equipment, temporary infrastructure and even waste and waste water, are major production logistics for many events. This Module presents issues and potential impacts of event travel and transport, and focuses on why efficiencies in this area will have direct benefit in other event activities. Commences July 2020


Module 6: Food and Materials

A mountain of ‘stuff’ is needed to run most events and the purchase decisions you make are public statements of your commitment to being fair, ethical and environmentally responsible. This module unpacks key purchasing categories, sustainability issues, and will give you tools to make the best sourcing decisions. Commences Late 2020.


Module 7: Water and Biodiversity Protection

Responsible water use and wastewater management play an important role in many event’s sustainability agendas. Where water scarcity is an issue, events must not overdraw this most precious of natural resources. Paramount is protection of the natural environment and biodiversity it supports, within the immediate vicinity of the event site or venue. This module dives into how events can ensure they are responsible environmental stewards.
Commences Late 2020.


Module 8: Engagement and Communications

Events can be life-changing platforms for good. They can be fully immersive, with cultivated experiences that allow participants to form a deep understanding and connection to sustainability principles. The food they eat, the way they are transported, how they are entertained and the new ideas they are opened to. This is your opportunity to engage and inspire your participants, your workforce, contractors and supply chain. 
Commences Late 2020.


Joining opens doors into a global community.

The Sustainable Event Management: Fundamentals is more than just an online resource. You're in safe hands, with the world's leading sustainable event experts carefully curating content and giving you the short cut to the gold! But learning from each other, exchanging ideas and feeling like you're part of a global cohort of professionals on a shared journey is a major benefit of joining the programme.

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We are introducing a one-on-one coaching service where you can book time to get bespoke support. Think of us as your brains trust, your sounding board and your decision safety-net.

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Current content

Our instructors are in the field, working on and networking with the world's leading events. Course materials will be updated with the most recent innovations, research findings and developments in best practice.    

Lean on us to feed you the most inspiring, effective and replicable systems, solutions and innovations in the field of sustainable event management. 

Every module has 'deep dive' materials to enhance and inspire.

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In the meantime, we want you to consider..

What will your legacy be...

Global issues are becoming ever-more acute. Climate change, ocean plastic pollution, water scarcity and drought, extreme weather, wild fires, species extinction, record temperatures, coral bleaching, ocean dead zones, school strikes, social intolerance, refugee crisis, human trafficking and exploitation, political inaction and social uprising!

Your event can be part of the solution, not part of the problem.