Events of the future need a social license to operate - they must be responsible and restorative for people and planet.

Events With Purpose

This bonus course helps you to get to the heart of the matter.
What does your event really stand for?
Build a truly authentic and altruistic purpose into your event?
Do you have a social license to operate? 


& Social License

Firstly we lay out six steps to build purpose into your event, including how indeed to find that purpose. We consider some purposes that must be built into every event. The all important need to build a social license to operate is considered. 


with Purpose

Partners are an important part of most events, and staging purposeful partnership and using your purpose-driven event to attract partnership is a focus for this course.



Walking the talk is of course a major part of building authenticity and trust. This part of the course looks at ways you can wear your heart on your sleeve, through the way you produce and programme your event.

At the end of 'Events with Purpose' course you will...

1: Understand the six steps to take to build authentic purpose into your event
2: Know the big 'purpose' topics that every event must include now
3: Understand the concept of social license and know how to build this for your event
4: Conduct a workshop to help discover 'what is your why?'
5: Understand how to leverage purpose to attract beneficial and authentic partners
6: Know how to walk the talk at your event through purposeful production

Turning your events into world-class, inspiring platforms for good!


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