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The following are sustainability competencies all events professionals should hold to be able to produce events that are towards zero waste

We map our course content to these competencies so that you are sustainable-event-ready and will be successful in completing your competency assessment with the Sustainable Event Alliance.

Towards Zero Waste

Included below is the core competency and learning out, plus links to the relevant lessons and the aligned assessment question you will be asked if you undergo an assessment with the Sustainable Event Alliance.


SEA Assessment Questions

Understand and apply the concepts of towards zero waste and resource recovery.

Explain the concept of Zero Waste and as it applies to events.

Explain the circular economy as it relates to resource recovery at events.

Identify the waste creation impacts of procurement and production planning choices.

Explain how purchasing decisions can influence waste creation.

Waste reduction and prevention techniques.

Give examples of purchasing or event design decisions which can result in reduced waste volumes.

Optimal waste segregation onsite.

Describe an ideal resource recovery system at an event of your choice.

At-event resource recovery operations and techniques.

Describe a technique you have used at an event that had the objective of ensuring effective resource recovery.

Provide photos of examples of your efforts.

Give three reasons why a resource recovery system at an event might have failed.

Engaging event attendees in resource recovery initiatives.

Give examples of how you have engaged event attendees in resource recovery activities. If you have no examples from your events, describe that used by another event.

Waste auditing techniques.

Explain the benefits of having a waste audit at an event and describe techniques you could use.

Identifying and understanding waste segregation, collection and processing options locally and at the venue or used by the cleaning contractor.

Describe the resource recovery system in the destination in which you have held an event. (e.g. removal, segregation, processing).

Explain how your at-event systems matched those local systems.

Climate and sustainability impacts of waste.

Give your understanding of how waste can contribute to climate change.

Measurement and reporting.

When measuring event waste, what would be your metrics for reporting?

Provide an example of a waste report or analysis you have undertaken.

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